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Lift and Material Handling Audits

Compliant - Precise - Preventative - Safety Focused

We ensure that your Material Handling Equipment is safe to operate and in full compliance with OSHA, CalOSHA, ANSI, ITSDF, DOT, industry and manufacturer standards.


Every responsible employer strives to provide the safest working environment for your employees by ensuring all your lifting and loading equipment is functioning properly.

  • Lift Auditors provides detailed, professional, and unbiased audits and inspections that define your lifting, material handling, and loading equipment’s service fitness.
  • Lift Auditors helps ensure whether the in-house or contracted maintenance provider you engage is doing everything properly and meets regulatory and industry standards.
  • Lift Auditors helps ensure that your lift trucks remain operating at peak performance. By monitoring hourly usage, equipment condition and other vital evaluations that define equipment performance, our audits reduce unplanned expenses resulting from catastrophic or unexpected downtime. And, the potential reduction in insurance and workers compensation costs certainly improve profit.

We proactively lessen potential problems by identifying faulty, worn, or improperly installed or maintained parts and subsystems in your machinery.

Our processes eliminate costly downtime and production downtime by pinpointing and addressing any potential weaknesses or developing problems before they become bigger issues. We provide on-site, detailed equipment reports on extensive lifting device style, manufacture, and configuration, as well as maintenance records accuracy.

And, our detailed, professional, and unbiased inspections ensure that your lifting, material handling, and loading equipment is fit for service. We identify “where” to intervene to proactively reduce potential problems from faulty, worn, or improperly maintained equipment, and "regulatory exposure" resulting from flawed record keeping.

Because we are your advocate, Lift Auditors ensures that your equipment is safe, productivity continues at a normal pace, and your Cal/OSHA potential liabilities are no longer a problem. Our audits can prevent big fines and eliminate down time. Lift Auditors ensures that in-house or contracted maintenance providers are doing their job and your equipment meets regulatory and industry standards.  Give us a call today - 888-310-3776

Quality Control

Are you confident you are getting the quality service that you are paying for?

Are you confident that your equipment is absolutely safe to operate?

If the answer to these questions is unclear then allow our inspectors to provide common-sense answers to your questions with unbiased, expert analysis and solutions.

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Maintenance Audits

Planned Maintenance Audits Are Crucial to Ensure Safe and Operational Equipment

Overlooked or ignored critical safety features will not necessarily reflect whether equipment is out of compliance to prescribed safety standards. And, with unskilled or inexperienced in-house technicians, or a service company's focus on revenue-generating repairs, a detailed PM inspection is often neglected.

Yet, failure to identify preventative maintenance and safety deficiencies early they inevitably result in hazardous conditions, expensive repairs, and costly downtime in the future.

Out-of-compliance maintenance status renders any equipment unsafe for operation even when owners are unaware of the condition of their equipment. This leaves the company at risk for accidents, regulatory fines or other penalties.  Where do you stand in this scenario?

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Comprehensive Inspections

Are You Confident With the “Reported Condition” of Your Fleet of Material Handling Equipment?

Lift Auditor’s first step inspection approach includes a comprehensive Services Auditor’s Review of your company’s Planned Maintenance Reports. Next, we perform a visual or indepth inspection to identify areas of concern or discrepancies in the equipment or records.

Since a great deal of critical information can be gleaned from even a simple “walk through” visual inspection, our Auditors determine whether your equipment is “in compliance” with the Manufacturer, Industry, and Regulatory Standards. We provide a written report of our findings.

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Unbiased Assessment

What Does “Reconditioned” – “Refurbished” – “Completely Gone Through” Really Mean?

Yes, pre-owned lift trucks are attractive. They are affordable, readably available, and appeal to many firms. There is just one question … Do you really know the actual condition of reconditioned equipment?

Our accurate, unbiased assessment practices eliminate all guesswork and provide you with expert and thorough analysis. Allow a former master technician and service manager, with over 30 years’ experience to inspect the equipment and ensure that it is in compliance with all regulatory agencies for safety and liability protection. Our experienced team will quickly assuage your concerns and recommend solutions.

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Audits & Service Agreement

Are You Confident That Your Equipment Is Truly Safe to Operate?

Lift Auditors ensues that your Material Handling Equipment is safe to operate and compliant with OSHA, CalOSHA, DOT, ANSI, ITSDF, and Underwriter Labs standards. We analyze service history reports and carefully identify areas of concern. We then conduct an Unbiased Assessment to examine all aspects of your equipment.

These services include Inspections, Reporting such as: Service Reports, Planned Maintenance Reports, a Verbal or Written Report and Recommendations for further analysis and action as necessary.