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Forklift Annual Safety Audits Are Necessary

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Keeping people safe in your company matters. In the warehouse this entails annual equipment audits to ensure that your equipment is fully protected, working correctly and safe to operate.

Regulations have become more stringent and 2021 is facing more oversight by CalOSHA and other regulating agencies. Companies will be required to track forklift contracts and check when a safety audit was last conducted. Failure to do so could have big implications for both safety and compliance efforts and likely generate penalties.

Lift Auditors’ experts conduct the safety audits that ensure your equipment meets every daily/weekly/monthly and annual safety inspection. Our maintenance checks are conducted according to the equipment operations and maintenance manuals that forklift vehicle owners maintain (all reports and data recorded in the truck logbook).

Always referring to the trucks service manual, Lift Auditors schedules an onsite “Safety Audit” of the forklift at least every twelve months. Our experts confirm that the forklifts remain fully compliant or, recommend specific and comprehensive repair specifications as needed.

Benefit From Our Audit

Our meticulous audits are specifically designed for the forklift truck industry. They Include a physical on-site visit where we inspect designated equipment condition criteria including legally required safety regulations, suitability, and environment procedures. This highly effective health check allows your company to then implement best practices for the employee and equipment. 

Why This Matters

These audit compliance inspections ensure that the company equipment standards are demonstrably higher than non-compliant firms. There is no question that audit-compliant companies operate more efficiently and far more cost-effectively.

By employing the services of Lift Auditors’ professional inspectors your company can focus on other pressing issues because you know your forklift standards are up to par and have a tangible chain of traceability and accountability.

A safety audit should be in your 2021 plans because they protect your company’s best interests, prevent injuries, and help you avoid legal financial losses due to fines. Please ask us questions … we love talking to you. Call: 888-310-3776 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pierre Laudenberg
Founder/Chief Auditor

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