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Planned Maintenance Audits

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A Planned Maintenance program is crucial to cost savings and ensuring that equipment stays in a Safe and Operational condition. Unfortunately, with less skilled and less experienced technicians, and Service Companies focusing on revenue generating repairs rather than conducting required maintenance, a thorough, complete, and detailed Preventive Maintenance Audit inspection is often neglected.

Failure to identify preventative maintenance deficiencies early … results in hazardous conditions, expensive repairs, and costly downtime in the future.

Overlooked or ignored critical safety features can mean a unit is out of compliance to the safety standards which renders a piece of equipment unsafe for operation. Customers unaware of the condition of their equipment are at risk for accidents or worse.

Unfortunately, safety standards are being pushed to the periphery, or neglected altogether, and trends toward highly focused bottom-line revenue-generating services (even though the Industry and Manufacturers Safety Standards have expanded.)

This dichotomy causes a void between what is required, and what is actually being provided and creates a growing liability and legal challenges for companies, their owners, management, and employees. Employees are more vulnerable to legal action and face greater potential financial loss.

Lift Auditors provides a solution that protects your company from unnecessary costs, injury to employees and avoiding financial losses. Our audits conduct complete operational and visual inspections of the equipment safety features and look for critical wear and tear items to determine if they are being properly identified and maintained.

Our diverse experience and years’ working in the Material Handling Industry offers:

  • Experience in State, Federal, and Department of Transportation regulations for “On Highway” vehicles and equipment
  • Trained Crane Inspector for Gantry, Mobile and Crawler Cranes
  • Ongoing and continued Safety Training education
  • Our Senior Inspector holds security credentials from the Department of Homeland Security's TSA Division (TWIC)
  • We provide accident scene investigations and Expert Witness testimonies
With this wealth of knowledge and unmatched experience, our objective is to protect companies’ best interests, your employees and help you avoid financial losses.  Please ask us questions … we love talking to you. Call: 888-310-3776 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Pierre Laudenberg
Founder/Chief Auditor

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