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The material handling industry has undergone a significant change in the last few years, moving from thorough detailed inspections and solid maintenance programs to bottom line and profit-based servicing of material handling equipment and machinery. Add to this an ever-increasing body of regulations, an increasingly aggressive workplace liability environment, the warehouse and logistics operator’s exposure is constantly increasing.

Lift Auditors conducts formal and detailed audits of client’s material handling equipment and maintenance records, using detailed inspections by experienced and trained experts to help mitigate costs resulting from these factors.

While auditing, we search for maintenance and safety issues, and report on aspects both above and below standards, and include industry protocols as well as regulatory requirements such as OSHA, CalOSHA, DOT, ANSI, ITSDF and Lift Truck Manufacturer Standards.

Our audits are based on 40 years of experience honed while representing organizations that include supporting, maintaining and operating equipment from Clark Lift Trucks, Caterpillar Lift Trucks, Toyota Industrial Equipment, Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklifts of America, Genie, Landoll, Bendi, Drexel, Stienbock, Advance, Taylor-Dunn, and more.


The inspiration for Lift Auditors grew out of a dramatic shift in the Material Handling Service Industry ... a swing away from being safety oriented to a simple focus on profitable repairs.

Conventional ‘Critical Safety Standards' are now relegated to a more peripheral role. Add to this the fact that the industry leaders are imposing more rigid regulations. This creates a disparity in what is “required” vs. what is actually being "provided".

In this atmosphere of liability and lawsuits, companies, owners, supervisors, managers and employees are more vulnerable to legal action and face great potential personal financial loss.


Pierre Laudenberg

Founder / Chief Auditor

The vision behind Lift Auditors comes from the vast experience of our Senior Inspector Pierre Laudenberg acquired in the material handling auditing and services industry. His extensive career spans more than 40 years in the Material Handling industry where he amassed diverse knowledge and experience - with 20 of those years where he served as a Master Technician, Field Service Supervisor and Regional Service Manager. During this time, Laudenberg also gained broad expertise as a Customer Service Representative representing international organizations such as: Clark Lift Trucks, Caterpillar Lift Trucks, Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklifts of America, and Toyota Industrial Equipment.

Today as Safety Standards are being pushed to the periphery, or neglected altogether, the trend is highly focused on bottom-line revenue-generating services even though the Industry and Manufacturers Safety Standards have expanded ... which causes a void between what is required, and what is being provided. This trend creates a growing liability and legal challenge for companies, their owners, management, and employees.


Realizing this dilemma, Laudenberg was inspired to found Lift Auditors ... to provide a solution that protects your company from unnecessary costs, injury to employees and avoid financial losses.

Laudenberg states, “We truly exist for your protection and your best interest."

In addition to our diverse experience and long-standing work in the Material Handling Industry, we possess vast experience in the following pertinent fields:

  • Experience in State, Federal, and Department of Transportation regulations for “On Highway” vehicles and equipment

  • Trained Crane Inspector for Gantry, Mobile and Crawler Cranes

  • Ongoing and continued Safety Training education

  • Our Senior Inspector holds security credentials from the Department of Homeland Security's TSA Division (TWIC)

  • Lift Auditors can provide accident scene investigations and Expert Witness testimonies

With this wealth of knowledge and unmatched experience, our objective is to protect your company’s best interests, your employees and help you avoid financial losses. 


Lift Auditors is a true advocate for YOUR COMPANY

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