Quality Control

Safety is Not Just A Standard... It Is Our Passion

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Unbiased Assessment

What Does Refurbished, Reconditioned or Completely Gone-Through Really Mean?

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Comprehensive Inspections

Are You Confident With the “Reported Condition” of Your Fleet of Material Handling Equipment?

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Is Your Equipment In Compliance with All Regulatory Agencies?

Safe Equipment for Protecting Every Life

Lift Auditors’ 40 years of experience in capital equipment operation, maintenance and repair has given us the expertise to identify and solve problems in equipment-oriented logistics businesses.

We save our clients money by identifying current and potential repair, asset protection, and safety issues in individual and fleets of material handling equipment and provide practical recommendation for cost-effective solutions.

Consider what you would save on insurance costs if you could show a documented third-party inspection record, and that you have implemented the recommendations?

What about Workers Comp costs? When we help a client implement just one maintenance improvement or maintenance process, and prevent just one injury accident, your “X-Mod” score drops, and so does your Workers Comp insurance cost.


Learn how our on-site equipment inspections prevent unexpected accidents and unexpected failures.

Lift Auditors identifies efficiencies in any employee and equipment safety practice - always with your bottom line in mind. We strive to ensure that your company gets what it pays for by helping reduce your exposure to liability lawsuits, injuries, insurance claims and accidents.

Since accidents are inevitable, Lift Auditors provides proven and effective solutions that minimize your exposure to the detrimental effects of accidents on your employees and your business.


  • Reduce Insurance Premiums
  • Mitigate Losses Through Material Damage
  • Fewer Accidents
  • Lower Workers Comp Costs
  • Quantifiable Maintenance Costs
  • Cost-saving Results When Our Recommendations are Implemented

Allow us to show ways to improve your equipment inspection processes TODAY and reduce your mounting overhead costs.

Our Method

Lift Auditor’s maintenance audits define where your maintenance performance falls short and why. Let us improve your maintenance performance!

Material Handling Equipment Analysis

Our systematic approach checks every aspect and key component, and conducts best-practice auditing using OSHA, CalOSHA, ANSI as well as manufacturer and industry standards.  Our audit report compares your maintenance system to those standards and regulatory best practices, then recommends solutions to resolve the problems.

It's Important

Why Forklift Inspections Matter

Forklift safety is important because each year forklift accidents result in the loss of lives, significant personal injuries and damages to the products and property. Companies more than ever today must have safe equipment."

“During its lifetime, nearly every forklift will be involved in at least one incident that results in property damage or human injury. Over 100 deaths and an additional 20,000 serious injuries are attributed to forklift use each year.”

"Since forklifts play a key role in almost every type of industrial operation today - models and sizes -they are required to perform many tasks.  All share one trait ... each can be very dangerous to operators and nearby personnel alike."

Are you confident about your loading and lifting equipment performance? Is it ANSI, OSHA, Cal-OASHA and Department of Transportation compliant, safe for operation or as reliable as it should be? An audit will answer these questions."

Do you have adequate means, time, and competent personnel to inspect and ensure compliance with industry and regulatory requirements? Your staff and material handling equipment must operate properly and meet initial, frequent, and periodic compliance requirements.”

"Can you afford the downtime, liability claims, and loss of productivity if your load and lifting equipment fails? If not, then your maintenance firm is not doing its job properly. Our audits ensure your forklifts are fit for duty every time!”